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Congratulations to Zerun for obtaining the ISO 14064 system certificate
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ISO 14064:2006

The standard specifies the best international model for the management, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas data and data. By using a standardized method, one can calculate and verify the emissions figures, ensuring that 1 ton of carbon dioxide is measured the same way anywhere in the world. This allows the calculation of emissions claim uncertainty to be harmonized around the world, and end user groups such as governments, market trade and other interested parties can rely on the data and make claims.

The three parts that make up the standard are:

1. The first part of ISO 14064 specifies the principles and requirements for the design, development, management and reporting of the GHG inventory of an organization or company. It includes requirements such as establishing greenhouse gas emission limits, quantifying an organization's greenhouse gas emissions, and removing and identifying specific measures or activities for the company to improve greenhouse gas management. At the same time, the standard also specifies the requirements and guidelines for the quality management, reporting, internal audit and institutional verification responsibilities of the GHG inventory of relevant departments.

2. The second part of ISO 14064 focuses on GHG projects (such as wind power generation or carbon absorption and storage projects) that aim to reduce GHG emissions or accelerate the removal of greenhouse gases. It includes establishing project baselines and the principles and requirements associated with the baselines for monitoring, quantifying and reporting project performance

3. Three parts of ISO14064 describe the actual verification process. It specifies elements of verification planning, assessment procedures and assessment of greenhouse gases. This enables ISO14064-3 to be used by organisations or independent third parties for GHG report verification and claims.