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Technical advantages

  It has more than 30 professional and technical personnel research and development team.

  Have the product, mold, process, automation equipment and

to form a complete technical  other comprehensive design capabilities, system.Advantages(图2)

Product advantages

  Establish close strategic cooperation with us credit, and jointly launch the world's first battery string intelligent junction box.

  Different specifications of connectors and junction boxes form a complete PV product series, 

to meet the customer's various needs for different use.

  High specification photovoltaic products are in the market leading level in performance and reliability.

Advantages of raw materials

Establish long-term strategic cooperation relationship with well-known photovoltaic material suppliers.

Promise not to use recycled materials.

Manufacturing advantages

  It is a full process capability integrating drawing, injection molding, stamping and automatic assembly.

  Highly integrated automatic assembly line, high efficiency and stability of the process.

  We have introduced such international famous high-end equipment as Komax automatic

 cutting and peeling riveting pressure in Switzerland, Japan MIA base welding machine and so on.

Service advantages

  According to the customer's own needs, we can customize the oem/odm service for them.

  The company has established a simple and flat management structure, concentrated 

the advantages of resources for rapid response, to win the market opportunities for customers.

Quality advantage

All products are 100% tested and shipped, and the product information cloud tracing is realized.

Based on the long-term service for world-renowned enterprises, a perfect quality system has been established.

25 years quality assurance.